Corps Information 2017 Production: Inside the Ink

Inside The Ink

Repertoire to follow.

Answers for Parents

When your child decides to be part of a Drum Corps International corps, he/she is making a choice that requires a deep personal commitment that will require strength and focus. Facing new levels of responsibility, discipline and self-knowledge, they will gain values that will help them succeed in life.

Many of your questions about the Drum and Bugle Corps activity may be answered on an "Answers For Parents" page, on the Drum Corps International website.

Meet Our Staff

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Jim Tabuchi Executive Director 916-719-7368
JW Koester Corps Director 408-921-6231
Raymond Mar Advisor
Diane Chin Bingo Manager 916-919-5012
Cathy Sackett Booster Manager 916-799-4953
Cris Flores Personnel Manager 916-225-2599
Jerry Sackett Transportation Manager 916-541-9430
Kathleen Bakergumprecht-Davies Fundraising Chair 559-260-5847
Keith Sanpei
Rebecca Miles
• Kevin Bowlson
Tour/Logistics Director
• Assistant
• Assistant
Ike Jackson Program Coordinator, Percussion Consultant
Key Poulan Brass Arranger/Music Designer
Peter Beckhart Drill Writer/Designer
Darren VanDerpoel Percussion Arranger
Mario Ramirez Color Guard Designer
Bryan Nungaray Front Ensemble Arranger
Darren VanDerpoel
Caption Head
Chris Tomsa
Co-Caption Head
Michael Samson
Caption Head
Mario Ramirez
Caption Head
Jonathan Wicks
Co-Battery Arr/Tech
Mark Trulson
Co-Caption Head
Haley Whelan
Visual Tech
Brandi Ramirez
Zakk Hollander
Battery Mgr/Tech
Mary Cowperthwait
Low Brass Tech
Joseph Hayes
Visual Tech
Chris Ceo
Guard Tech
Richard Ramos
Snare Tech
Milt Gee
Low Brass Tech
Jacky Huang
Visual Tech
Manny Ruiz
Guard Tech
William Ryder
Snare Drum Tech
Chris Langton
Low Brass Tech
Chris Huebschle
Visual Tech
Lauren Michael
Guard Tech
Otto Peralta
Bass Drum Tech
Bryan Stroh
Low Brass Tech
Lani Maclean
Visual Tech
Courtney Cheyne
Guard Tech
Vanessa Gomez
Bass Drum Tech
George Miles
Low Brass Tech
Justin Mons
Visual Tech
Keila Crook
Guard Tech
Colin Slavin
Cymbal Tech
Shawn McElhaney
Low Brass Tech
Miguel Rodriquez
Visual Tech
Andrew Padilla
Guard Tech
Ernie McLaurin
Cymbal Tech
Victor Perez
Low Brass Tech
Marcus Stone
Visual Tech
Rudy Arzaga
Front Ens Caption
Doug Harris
High Brass Tech
Matt Ball
Visual Tech
Abby Zarate
Front Ens Tech
Alex Darouie
Trumpet Tech
Jazper Saldana
Front Ens Tech
Jon Holloway
Mellophone Tech
Elijah Turner
Front Ens Tech
Marvin Reed
Drum Major Tech

Founded in 1963, the Sacramento Mandarins provide the ideal balance of education, family values, personal time, and the blending of Asian traditions with drum corps. The Mandarins are committed to the growth of the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence while providing enjoyment for the Sacramento community and audiences worldwide.

Recent honors and awards of distinction: two-time recipient of the prestigious Spirit of Disney award, signifying outstanding achievement in educational and entertainment programs for youth; Drum Corps International Division III World Champions in 1987, 1988, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999; Drum Corps International Division II World Champions in 2001; Drum Corps International Pacific Division III Champions in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999, and DCI Pacific Division II California State Champions in 2000 and 2001; Drum Corps International Division I Semifinalist in 2001, 2005, and 2006; Drum Corps International World Class Quarterfinalist in 2008-2010; and Drum Corps International World Class Semifinalist in 2011-2016.

Look for the Mandarins to appear in a full slate of West Coast shows and a nationwide tour, including appearances at the DCI regionals in Palo Alto, San Antonio, and Atlanta on the way to Indianapolis, Indiana for the DCI World Championships.

Executive Director is Jim Tabuchi. Corps Director is JW Koester. The Mandarins are sponsored exclusively by their Parent Booster Club. For additional information about the corps, please contact Mandarins Public Relations.

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