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The Mandarins Alumni Association (MAA) was formed to keep alumni and friends of the Mandarins Drum & Bugle Corps updated on Corps activities and accomplishments, and to provide any support the corps may need. All former marching members, parents, instructors, and supporters are welcome to participate. See our Facebook Page here. You may also email, for further information and/or to link your name to the MAA roster at the bottom of this page.

Alumni Stories

Since 1963, the Ye Wah and the Mandarins organization has offered young men and women a rewarding activity combining the Performing Arts with discipline, pride, good citizenship and sportsmanship, Asian traditions, and other important values. Adding friendships, travel, common goals, and more makes the "Mandarins Experience" a unique one, unlike any other youth program.

We hope this has helped our Alumni throughout their teenage, young adult, and adult years. Indeed, many have become doctors, teachers, dentists, lawyers, engineers, and parents, among other successful careers. But what has the "Mandarins Experience" meant to them, and what have they gained through it? Select the names below, for stories. We sincerely thank Alumni Members who have graciously allowed us to share their thoughts with you.

Bruce Reyes-Chow Donald Yee Melissa Gong
Laurie Moy Ben Fong Rodney Wong
Yuk Fong Andrew Amistoso Courtney White
Joyceline Fong-Fukuchi Rita Chan Michelle Tong-Choyce
Amy Inouye Jillene Sturgess Karla Marquez
Michelle Yamazaki    


Family Day Feast

2015 Alumni

Once again, Mama Jeannie organized her kitchen crew to help cook and serve dinner at the Mandarins' Family Day on June 13, 2015. The menu of fried rice, veggie chow mein, lumpia, grilled teriyaki chicken, salad, and oranges was a big hit with the appreciative corps members. Thanks to Jeannie, Karen, Linda, Terri, Marilyn, Joyce, Scott, Chris, and Steve for continuing the tradition. Mandarins Kitchen Crew Manager Cathy Sackett said, "We sooo look forward to having the Alumni group come and cook for us. You really blessed our kiddoes!" And her assistant Jo Ann Tabuchi said "We are so grateful for the alumni's loving support! Thank you so much for the delicious dinner!"

DCI Tour Kitchen Crew

Several decades after they marched in the Ye Wah Color Guard, Jennie and Joyce returned to the Mandarins as Kitchen Crew members for the 2014 DCI Summer Tour. Word has it that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the hard work didn't slow them down at all! Booster Club and kitchen crew manager Cathy Sackett said it was a blast having Jennie and Joyce on her team. Alumni, here's your chance to give back to the corps by volunteering for kitchen crew duties. Inquire here for more information.

DCI Capital Classic


Did you know that the Mandarins' annual DCI Capital Classic is one of the finest drum and bugle corps shows in Northern California? That's right -- the stadium is always filled to capacity with a crowd eager to watch corps performances while enjoying delicious Chinese food from our concession stand. Calling all alumni members -- we can always use your help with parking control, cooking, ushering, tickets, and more. Email us, to let us know how you can help.

Mandarins Family Day


The Mandarins hosts their annual Family Day, happening at the end of their June Training Camp. It's an opportunity for alumni, friends, and supporters to watch the public debut of the corps' field production each year. Corps Members work extremely hard during Training Camp and this year, Alumni Members gave back by cooking and serving dinner for the appreciative kids. Thanks to Steve, Elliott, Joyce, Karen, Jennie, Doug, and Scott for giving the regular Mandarins Kitchen Crew a break from preparing one of more than 4,200 meals served during Training Camp. We hope to see other alumni join us next year.

50th Anniversary Celebration


We celebrated our Golden Anniversary on September 21, 2013, with over 360 alumni corps members, instructors, and family. The Planning Committee did a great job with location, souvenirs, entertainment, and more. Many thanks to Marilyn Chin, Roxie Tom, Diana Gin, Jim Tabuchi, Steve Wong, Alan Chinn. Karen Wu, Scott Jow, Jillene Sturgess-DaPrato, Kim Wong, Chris Thorntona, Jennie Fong, and Lonnie Wong for a magical evening.

50th Anniversary DVD: 1963-2013

ProducersThe Mandarins' 50th Anniversary DVD is now available! Produced by Mandarins alumni Scott Jow and Jillene Sturgess-DaPrato, this movie tells how the corps started and shows what it has accomplished in 50 years. See excerpts from our guard and corps shows since the 1970s, including our eight DCI Champion titles, the full show of our highly-acclaimed 50th Anniversary 2013 production, "Destination America - Journey of the Paper Sons", and a historical and 50th Anniversary Celebration slideshows.

Cost is $20 plus $4 shipping and handling. To order, or if you have any questions, email us here.

Alumni Association Members

Ona Alminas, Kelly Alvarez, Andrew Amistoso, Keith Bales, Louise Barr, Pamela Ringer-Britz, Shane Burrows, Robert Castillo, Arlene Chan, Lily Lum Chan, Rita Chan, Marianne Chatterton, Alice Chen, Helen Chen, Liana Chen-Knapp, Lorraine Chew, Victoria Chiao , Alan Chinn, Thomas F. Chinn, Lily Chong, Janet Chow, John Chow, Kevin Chow, Steve Chow, Mara DaPrato, Miles DaPrato, Dr. Roger Davis, Dennis Dong, Mark Dong, Michelle Dougherty, Bill & Paula Emperador, Valerie Emperador, Penny Erwin, Art Fong, Bellory Fong, Ben Fong, Creighton Fong, Dan & Irene Fong, Daniel Fong, Douglas K. Fong, Harry K. Fong, Kurtis Fong, Lester Fong, Matt Fong, Norman Fong, Randolph A. Fong, Suzanne Fong, Joyceline Fukuchi, Sharon Fujimura, Adrian Fujitani, Mat & Hisuko Fujitani, Adrian Fujitani, John P. Garcia, Milt & Floree Gee, Diana Gin, Phillip Ginn, Melissa Gong, Adam Grant, Matthew Hing, Kevin Hiroshima, Victor Huynh, Amy Inouye, Kami Jan-Wong, Mike & Nanci Jan, Kirby Joe, The Joe Family, Rodney Joe M.D., Alan & Debbie Jong, Jason Jong, Ken Jong, Scott Jow, Tom Jue, Shekhar Khedekar, Norio & Dorothy Kojima, Jason Kwong, Ron Lam, Jennifer Law-Nitta, Brian Lee, Christina Lee, Gordon Lee, Jeff & Evelyn Lee, Joyce Lee, May & Wah Lee, Stacey Leung, Ted & Ruth Leung, Robert Lew, Glenn Likong, Calvin Lim, Elliott Lim, Keman & Frank Lim, Lloyd Lim, Felicia Louie, Marty Louie, Richard Louie, Shelton Louie, Shermon Louie, Jeremy Lum, Eric Mar, Karen Mar, Ray & Esther Mar, Dore Mark, Karla Marquez, Becky Moe, Greg Morgan, David Mori, Laurie Moy, Katsuya Nakamoto, John Ng, Bernice Ng, Russell Ng, Ronald Norman, Holly Ong, Steve & Eileen Park, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Mark Soohoo, Jillene Sturgess, Vince Taboada, JimTabuchi, Jim Tashima & Mary Purvis, Kody Tickner, Michelle Tong, Winnie Valenzuela, Fernando Vargas, Courtney White, Sam White, Gerard Wing, Jerald Wing, Dean Won, Baldwin Wong, Bucky & Janet Wong, Dave & Mabs Wong, Frank & Lucy Wong, Glenn Wong, Jason & Mayme Wong, Kim Wong, Les Wong, Margie Lum Wong, Melissa L. Wong, Michael S. Wong, Penny & Howard Wong, James Wong Family, Rodney Wong, Rosy Wong, Steven Wong, David Woo, Brian Wu, Karen Wu, Heidi Yamazaki, Michelle Yamazaki, Derrick Yee, Donald Yee, Don & Joyce Yee, Doreen Yee, Kenneth K. Yee, Kenneth R. Yee, Kenneth R. Yee, Mary Yee, S.H. Yee, Sandra Yee, Sherri & Victor Yee, Denise Yee-McClarty

Email your name, to be added to this list! All former marching members, parents, instructors, and supporters are welcome to participate.