Volunteer Your help is invited... and needed!

Since its inception in 1963, the Mandarins have been sponsored by an all-volunteer Booster Club of parents and other supporters. It is their tireless support which helps the Mandarins achieve continued success as a positive youth organization. The Mandarins program is fortunate to have support from many parents and friends who donate their time and talents to the success of the program.

The Mandarins thrives because of the generous support given by parents, friends and alumni. There are many opportunities available to help, including Bingo, kitchen crew at camps and on tour, truck driving, uniform fitting and alteration, and equipment repair.

Kitchen crew/chaperoning is both hard work and a wonderful and rewarding experience. You will plan, shop for, and prepare meals, rising before the members each morning to prepare breakfast and getting to bed after meal plans are organized for the next day. Email Booster President Cathy Sackett or call 916-799-4953 to assist with the kitchen crew. Chaperones help with minor medical issues, repair and cleaning of uniforms on the big tour. You become an integral part of the behind the scenes preparations, and see how the members put together their fabulous shows.

Truck driving is a critical part of supporting the Mandarins. The trucks and trailer carry all of the members' performance equipment as well as food supplies and cooking equipment. You will always be driving with another volunteer driver, and you usually will be in a convoy of trucks and buses. Your ordinary valid driver's license is all that is required. Veteran drivers will give you an orientation to the pleasures of driving. If you are interested, talk to our Tour Transportation Coordinator, Jerry Sackett.

Host Families. We often have members who come from a distance-Nevada, Southern California, Hawaii, Japan, etc. These members need a place to stay when they come for rehearsals. Do you have the space and the willingness to support a member (or 2 or 3) with a home away from home? We need host families for non-residential weekend camps and for the approximately 4-week West Coast season from early June to mid-July. Please talk to the Member Housing Manager, Sheri Heuer at 916-296-8535.


Six sessions of Bingo weekly at Mandarins Bingo Center provide most of the Mandarins' operating costs. We're located at 9333 Tech Center Drive, in Sacramento. We have games on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 6:30 pm, and Saturday afternoons at 12:30 pm, Your help keeps our Bingo profitable and the Corps in good financial health.

We train you and the work is easy to learn. Many positions are available -- selling games on the floor, selling events at the counter or on the floor, cashiers, and assembling game pacakges for the following sessions. You'll have fun and meet other Mandarins members, parents and boosters! Corps members can also earn credit towards summer tour, by working Bingo.

To volunteer, email Bingo manager, Diane Chin, or call 916-919-5012 to sign up; you cannot just show up. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and older.