2017 Camp Schedule

February 3-5: Brass & Percussion only, overnight Friday & Saturday

March 3-5: Brass only, overnight Friday & Saturday

March 31-April 2: Brass only, overnight Friday & Saturday

April 28-30: Full Corps, overnight Friday & Saturday

May 26-29: Full Corps, overnight Friday through Sunday

May 30 & Beyond: Move-Ins, Full Corps

2017 National Tour Itinerary

The 2017 National Tour Itinerary will be posted in late June.

2016 Mandarins Member Guide
Congratulations on becoming a member of the 2016 Mandarins Drum and Bugle Corps! You are about to embark on one of the most profound and exciting experiences of your life. Everyone - administrative and instruction staff, parent boosters, support staff and volunteers will be working together to provide you with the opportunity to give your very best performance at every appearance we make. Download and read your copy of the 2016 Member Guide here.
2016 Videos


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Mandarins Uniform Care

Do not make alterations except for hemming bib pants if necessary. If you get the pants hemmed, DO NOT CUT ANY FABRIC! If the fabric is cut, you will be charged the full replacement cost of new bib pants.

Wearing the Mandarins uniform is a privilege. Wear it with pride and treat it with respect. You are responsible for keeping your uniform clean and in good repair and all the parts together. All of the uniform, including the garment bag, belongs to the Corps. Only the shoes belong to you.

  • Use only wishbone hangers (wire and plastic will bend or break) and keep the uniform in your unzipped garment bag with your name.

Do not put shoes inside the garment bag.

Keep your shako/Cabbie in your numbered cubbie on the Dragon.

You are responsible for ensuring you ALWAYS have black socks and black compression shirts.

  • Check your uniform after every performance before putting it in the garment bag. If it is damp from sweat or rain, leave the garment bag open to allow it to dry. As soon as possible hang your uniform in a dry area with the garment bag removed to allow it to dry completely.

Talk to the uniform manager or a chaperone immediately if you find a problem with your uniform so that repairs or alterations can be made. Do not wait until just before a show. Carry with you a selection of safety pins in various sizes for emergency repairs.

You are responsible for the full cost of replacement if your uniform is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair while in your possession.


Cadet—Under No circumstance can the Gold panel be washed. If damaged you will have to pay for the full replacement cost.· Machine wash the cadet using gentle cycle in cold water -- no bleach. Hang on a wishbone hanger to dry; do not tumble dry -- machine drying will damage the cadet. Press, if needed using a pressing cloth between the iron and the cadet. Ironing directly on the cadet will visibly damage the fabric and you will have to pay for the full replacement cost of the cadet.

Bib pants—Machine wash in cold water -- no bleach. Hang on a wishbone hanger to dry -- machine drying on low setting is okay. Press, if needed using a pressing cloth between the iron and the cadet. Ironing directly on the cadet will visibly damage the fabric and you will have to pay for the full replacement cost of the bibbers.

Shako—Since the shako is difficult to clean; avoid getting it dirty. You should wipe down the inside of you shako/cabbie with a disinfecting wipe. At the end of the season, you are NOT to take your uniform with you; it will be returned to Sacramento on the truck and unloaded at the warehouse. The uniform will be checked to make sure all the parts are together and in good condition. You will be charged for the full replacement cost of the uniform part if there is damage beyond normal wear or if anything is missing.

Thank you,

Susan Miyasato

Sponsorship and Scholarship Programs

Here are three ways to help you reduce your Summer Tour fees.

Sponsorship: The Corps provides each member with sponsorship forms to help you solicit donations from family, friends, neighbors, social groups and businesses. These non-refundable donations go directly towards your tour fees. Some members have used the sponsorship program to cover all of their tour fees. All Sponsorships must be turned in by May 1, 2016.

Mandarins Scholarships: The Corps provides a limited number of partial scholarships to deserving members with financial need

Friends of DCI Scholarship. Apply here.

Jim Ott Scholarship, by Sponsors of Musical Enrichment. Apply here.

27th Lancers Foundation Scholarship. Apply here.

Rodney Goodhart Memorial Scholarship. Apply here.

Fred J. Miller Memorial Music Education Fund Scholarship. Apply here.

Bittersweet Finals Moment, from drumcorpsplanet.com

The following story was posted after Finals and is one example of what drum corps -- and our corps -- is all about.

"I wanted to share an amazing experience I witnessed at The Rose Bowl saturday night. I am a volunteer with The Boston Crusaders and had the fantastic privledge to go onto the field with my corps. at retreat. AWESOME! But thats not the story... Another volunteer and I decided to leave the field just before America/O Canada as to avoid the mass exodus of the corps retreating, so we headed out the backfield tunnel. Way up at the start of the tunnel I could see two figures slowly making their way into the tunnel towards the field. As we got a bit closer i could see that one of them was limping very badly. After they made it about a third of the way into the tunnel the person helping the limping one turned and ran out of the tunnel and the limping person made it very unsteadily to the wall, she was obviously in tremendous pain. My friend and I ran over and to her and asked if she needed any help and if her escort was returning. She said "Yes, he went to get my Horn". The girl was a Blue Devil and, by the beautiful flower pinned to her chest, an age-out. Tears were streaming down her face and she turned to us and asked "Did I miss It?....what was the score?".. My heart broke.. I said to her "BD achieved a 98.0" and added as I brushed the tears from her cheek "Congratulations, You are a champion." She burst into tears. A moment later her friend returned with her horn and her shako and started to make their way slowly towards the field. I watched them go. Her hero was wearing a member jacket from the Mandarins.The image was beautiful and awe inspiring. A wonderful friend helping a badly injured champion to the field, the corps and the crowd as their backdrop. I can only hope she made it onfield in time to play the anthem and BD's much deserved encore. This is what i will take away from another wonderful season of drum corps. CHEERS!" ~ Waldo

"Wicked cool and that's something you'd see regularly from the Mandarins. I always see them supporting other corps and that's why I always buy something from their booth!" ~ Whiskey

"Excellent. Finally a feel good story {except for her pain}. Congrats to the Mandarin for having people who care about others and helping when needed. You volunteers are also to be commended not only for your dedicated hard work keeping the wheels roling, but also for taking the time to get something like this out to the masses. Most of us are tired of hearing all the other finals garbage." ~ 84 skyrydr

Member Code of Conduct
Mandarins Code of Conduct

1. Be on time to all rehearsals. If you are going to miss a rehearsal, inform your instructor well in advance. It is your responsibility to know when and where rehearsals are. Check the calendar on the web site; ask your instructor for the login and password.

2. Arrive at rehearsals prepared and ready to rehearse. Start and end on time. Know and understand the objectives/goals for each rehearsal. If you don't know, ask!

3. Swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated. Rehearse and perform professionally. You have the right to expect the same professionalism from the instructional staff.

4. You are a role model for other corps members. Remember that fact at all times. Other corps members will act and behave as they see you act and behave. This role model responsibility applies at all times -- on the rehearsal/performance field and off.

5. Set high standards for yourself. Ensure that you know and understand the Corps Director's and Instructional Staff's expectations for the year. If you don't know their expectations, you will not meet or exceed them.

6. Smoking and/or vaping in front of other corps/staff members is not acceptable. This includes rehearsals, performances, bus rides, and any other functions associated with the corps. Most of the schools and facilities at which we stay/perform are tobacco-free campuses. Please respect their regulations.

7. Alcohol use at any time is not allowed. This includes rehearsals, performances, bus rides and any other functions associated with the corps. Most of the schools and facilities at which we stay/perform are alcohol-free campuses. Please respect their regulations. A violation will result in dismissal from the corps.

8. Illegal drug use at any time is not allowed. This includes rehearsals, performances, bus rides, and any other functions associated with the corps. All of the schools and facilities at which we stay/perform are drug-free campuses. A violation will result in dismissal from the corps.

9. Take care and respect your uniform, your equipment and your rehearsal/housing facilities. If something needs repair, please advise an instructor, a support staff member, or the director. No climbing fences. Leave the premises cleaner than when we arrived.

10. Treat other corps members as you would like to be treated. Respect their personal needs and requests. This awareness applies to rehearsals, sleeping areas, and the bus. Tolerance is paramount. Ensure that your relationships with others include no inappropriate behavior. If you have a concern with someone, please advise the director for further support or action. Hazing and bullying will NOT be tolerated in the Mandarins.

11. Stealing is not tolerated in the Mandarins. Taking property belonging to other people, the Corps, or to our practice/housing sites, etc. will be dealt with severely.

12. Treat your Drum Major, sectional heads, instructional staff, support staff, drivers, boosters, other corps, parents and fans with respect. Support staff, drivers, chaperones, etc., volunteer their time your benefit; most of them work full time and often use vacation time for the benefit of the Corps. Treat them with appreciation and respect for the dedicated work they perform. When you need their help, be courteous and ask politely.

13. Remember that any unhappiness or anger with other corps' behavior is dealt with at the Director level. Corps members and parents may be tempted to log on to newsgroups and forums to complain about others, but this is NOT the way the Mandarins do business. Don't dishonor the Mandarins' good name by posting negative comments that can be interpreted as representing the Mandarins organization's opinion. Don't start flame wars, even if you think you're right. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it. Staff is serious about protecting the Mandarins' reputation.

14. Leave nothing to the last minute. Plan ahead of time to get things done.

15. You represent the Mandarins at all times. It doesn't matter where you are -- rehearsals, performances or other non-corps related functions. If someone knows you are a member of the corps, then you represent the entire organization. Make that action happen with pride and class!

16. Failure to adhere to the Mandarins Code of Conduct could lead to your dismissal from the corps and a forfeiture of your tour and participation fees.